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Get Your OWN Wholesale Car Dealers License that is valid in ALL 50 states.

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Frequently Asked Questions about getting a Dealers License from us

How we get you your wholesale car dealers license?

Our facility is approved by the state to host licenses for wholesale car dealers. We provide you with a office where your car dealers license will be posted. We do all the necessary paperwork required on your behalf and within weeks your in business.

How do I get my own wholesale car dealer license?

We create a corporation or LLC on your behalf, which allows you to obtain your own car dealers license. Your corporation or LLC is registered with the Secretary of State in Indiana, which then gives you permission to obtain your wholesale car dealer license.

Is this my own dealer license or am I a member of a dealership?

This is your own used car dealers license and can be used at your discretion.

Why you need wholesale car dealers license?

Every state has a limit on how many cars you can sell a year. This car dealers license allows you to buy and sell as many cars as you want. You also get two (2) dealer plates and never have to worry about doing plate transfers again. Buying and selling cars can be fun, why not take advantage of a little extra cash.

Why Auto Exporters need a wholesale car dealers license?

Auto Exporters need a wholesale car dealers license so that they can get into dealer only auctions to maximize profits.

What are the requirements to get your wholesale car dealers license?

Anyone who has a valid Social Security Number or I.T.I.N. (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number), and a valid Government Issued Identification.

How to get your wholesale car dealers license NOW?

Click on contact us or call us, a dealer representative will be happy to get the process started for you today.

How long does it take to get my wholesale car dealers license?

From start to finish about four to six weeks. That may vary based on your ability to provide us with completed forms, a signed package and payment.

What’s included when we sign up with Dealer License Pro's, a division of AA Access Corporation?

You will receive two (2) sets of dealer plates, your car dealer license issued by the State of Indiana, a registered retail merchant certificate issued by the state, your own office suite, and your own corporation.

Can I retail cars with a wholesale car dealers license?

No, but our dealers are currently teaming up with local dealers in their home state where they do the paperwork for a doc fee and sell it to the interested party. We are currently working on an affiliate program to make retailing easier.

Can sell to other car dealers or to someone out of the country with a wholesale car dealers license?


Do I have to collect or pay sales tax if I get a wholesale car dealers license?

Depends, if you are keeping the car for your own personal use than yes, if you are re-selling the car than no.

Is insurance included with my wholesale car dealers license?

No, but we have agents who will work with you to give you the coverage required by the state at the most competitive rates.

Can I cancel at anytime?

No simply because you are signing a one year agreement with Dealer License Pro's. The State requires that you have a current and valid lease for the duration of your license.

What happens if I don’t pay?

Upon notification the Indiana Secratary of State will suspend your plates and legally pursue recovering them unless returned immediately. You will be suspended of your auction access. Most importantly, if we are at capacity you will lose your office to someone else and you will have to wait to get your car dealers license back. We will also provide WRITTEN notcie to all auto acutions nationwide that you are no longer in business and you will not be admitted to any auto auctions.

What are the forms of payment?

Visa, Mastercard, and EFT. If EFT is elected then a Visa or Mastercard must be on file if we cannot draw on the account given as a back up.

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