Searching for a Car Dealers License? Ever wonder How to Get A Dealers License? AA Access Corporation is the only Car Dealers License Provider on the Web that is FULLY ACCREDITED, with an "A" rating, by the BBB and accepts all forms of payment. Call 888.996.3577 Today for details.
Get Your OWN Wholesale Car Dealers License that is valid in ALL 50 states.

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Get a Car Dealers License to Access Auto Dealer Auctions Nationwide

  1. We get you a wholesale (used) car dealer's license. We host your license at our facility in accordance with state law. We also provide you an office suite that you may use if you choose to, or you can simply work virtually. We also meet with the state inspectors, on your behalf, to ensure your licensing. Once that is complete, we submit all of the paperwork and in approximately four weeks, you have an official Wholesale Car Dealers License. *THIS CAR DEALERS LICENSE IS VALID IN ANY STATE and IN CANADA!

  2. Once you have your car dealers license, you can then attend dealer only auto auctions. These auctions include physical auto auctions in your geographic area such as Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc (IAA), Manheim, ADESA, Independent Auto Auctions and more!. You can ALSO register to bid on-line with AuctionPipeline, Manheim's, ADESA DealerBlock and more!. To see a complete list, please visit our auto auction locator page.

  3. BUY & SELL, BUY & SELL, BUY & SELL. The only thing you are limited by is the time and effort that YOU put into this. There are no limits to how many cars you can buy or sell, you can quickly and easily re-assign titles and registers without having to pay state, local, or federal sales tax!. In addition you enjoy the benefit of having a Federal Tax ID number, that means you can get discounts and avoid paying taxes at other car dealers, automotive part stores, etc.

  4. It is that easy. Call Now 312.437.0066 or email us to discuss YOUR plans with one of our knowledgeable sales professionals. We can answer all of your questions and get things going today!

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